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Apr 26, 2024

In today's episode hosts Kid A.G. and Nurse Fiona, along with the debut of The Rooster, attempt the unthinkable — maintaining their usual bullshit banter amidst the relentless distraction of porn playing on the in studio big screen. Will they keep their eyes on the prize without popping a boner, or will the on-screen action prove too much? Other topics include unexpected party outfits to tracking device dramas, all served with a side of complete nonsense and occasional outrage.

  • Introduction of The Rooster, a fresh voice ready to dive deep.
  • The "Concentration" challenge: Discuss everything under the sun without getting sidetracked by the threesome on display.
  • Local escapades, including commentary on fashion choices at parties and unexpected encounters in a small town with crazy bitches.
  • Hilarious tangents into pure maintenance and personal grooming habits.

Despite the visual temptations, our hosts and guest prove their mettle, navigating through their stories with the occasional misstep into visual distraction. It’s an episode that tests the bounds of focus.

Hosts: Kid A.G. and Nurse Fiona
Guest: The Rooster