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May 3, 2024

This episode kicks off with a lively "nipple flicking" session to turn up the headlights, leading into a series of  mishaps involving misplaced insertions and sliding attempts gone awry. A musical salute that hits quite literally. The discussion veers into the deep end with tales of high stakes, personal revelations, and debates over life's pressing questions about relationships, attraction, and age. It's an episode packed with some deep dives that only The Goin' Deep Show can blast in your face.  


  1. Nipple Flicking to Start Things Off: Kid A.G. flicks the switch (and apparently some nipples) to get the energy flowing.  
  2. Insertion Chaos: A technical debacle turns into an uproarious game of “slide it in," where practically everything and anything is ripe for sliding. Beware of the depth and watch for the cracks!
  3. Musical Mayhem: Amidst the chaos, a musical salute takes a face-smashing turn. What song was that?  
  4. The Rooster's Revelations: Special guest, The Rooster stirs the pot with tales of high stakes and flannel fiascos.
  5. Deep Thoughts with Kid A.G. and Nurse Fiona: From contemplating the dangers of young temptation to pondering life’s perpetual sliding doors, our hosts delve deep. Maybe too deep?
  6. Off-the-Rails Advice: What starts as a philosophical discussion about age and attraction derails into a spirited debate on life choices and face-sitting propositions. Yes, you read that right.

Go Deep!

Hosts: Kid A.G. and Nurse Fiona
Guest: The Rooster