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May 17, 2024

In this episode of “The Goin’ Deep Show,” Kid A.G. Zaldor and El Pres dive into their St. Patrick’s Day experiences. The episode features stories from the parade, discussions on personal music tastes, and reflections on how audio memories shape our perceptions. The hosts share their unfiltered opinions on everything from the significance of the parade in Bay City to their complex feelings about modern music trends.

The hosts talk about starting their day with moonshine and Guinness, and delve into a nostalgic conversation about how certain songs and sounds trigger deep memories, discussing the lasting impact of ’80s pop culture. The hosts explore their frustrations with current music trends, lamenting the overplay of certain songs and the homogeneity they observe in the industry. They theorize how children’s versions of popular songs (e.g., Kidz Bop) may dilute the original artistry and affect future music appreciation. The episode features a broader discussion on how music reflects and influences culture, with mentions of iconic artists. 

Kid A.G. doesn’t hold back on his critical views of bands like Nickelback, providing a humorous yet sharp critique and speculates on the future of music, hoping that upcoming artists will draw inspiration from classic and foundational music styles.