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May 24, 2024

In this episode The Kid welcomes in Duke. The Kid has recently become reluctant telling people he hosts a podcast, revealing a sense of underappreciation because every other motherfucker seems to have a show now. 

Kid reveals some sexual behaviors that will probably get peoples undies in a bunch but what the fuck else is new.  Get the fuck over it dip shits. The conversation veers towards behavior of people at bars, and the dynamics of personal relationships in modern society all while looking at chicks asses and pretending we’re not body shaming when in fact we could give two shits if you find It offensive. Grow up. The words didn’t hurt ya you big pussy. 

Amidst therants, there are moments where the hosts reflect on being single, the freedom it allows, and broader life choices, suggesting a deeper layer to the banter that might resonate with listeners going through similar life stages.

The episode includes a story about visiting a friend, planning spontaneous activities, and observations made while traveling and experiencing new environments, particularly commenting on university campuses and the hotties that seem to thrive there.

The hit list minute by minute is below - Fire it up. Go Deep.

1:00 - Introduction to Duke

2:00 - Reaching the show.

3:00 - We’re gonna call her Sniffy McNose Candy

4:00 - Her body is not destroyed - I’ve seen worse

5:00 - I just left and did that because I can

6:00 - Cramming yoga pants up her asshole

7:00 - Vagin-o-Plasty - Fixing the old Wizards Sleeve

8:00 - Put here wings on my cheeks while I ate out

9:00 - Grabbing left flap of the meat curtain

10:00 - Trying to grab my shit at the bar

11:00 - I got 14 bitches with huge pussy lips

12:00 - Sucking on some titties

13:00 - Translated to… “Shit’l be alright” 

14:00 - Jesus wasn’t a blonde haired blue eyed motherfucker

15:00 - Swedish Chef - Muppet thing

16:00 - BC Born and Raised

17:00 - I’ve had the same best friend since 4th Grade

18:00 - I’ve only seen Vince Neil at Westown

19:00 - It’s a cliff hanging mother fucker