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Jan 20, 2012

Something new we're attempting is to keep the listeners informed and this being the first attempt to do so. We're not releasing a full episode today but mentioning that the world famous GDub will be in studio in the next 24 hours for your listening pleasure. This release is simply The Kid waking JMac up this morning to talk about how he got cock blocked by a three year old, how Rogues Twitter handle got taken away and other such nonsense to fill the first of hopefully many 3:33 seconds from Studio 163 at The Goin' Deep Show. 

We're hoping to feature other peoples goofy shit on these shorter Friday releases so if you have something to share call the Listener Line at 206-202-DEEP or send in an audio file to and we'll play it.  Make sure its good or we'll make fun of you and your dirty ass. 

Just the Tip this morning.  Not so deep.