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Mar 11, 2012

Kid welcomes JMac and Silverback to the program where we discuss the fact that Silverback doesn't have a girlfriend yet. His disastrous blind date that ended with naked women pulled from ditches and puking all over the place. We call out a local town for living in the 90s still and still rocking the Flannel Shirts and Pearl Jam.  We explain the dutch rutter and a few other obscure sexual terms and how to execute them. We give you the listeners some incentive to view our porn site and JMac rocks down the greatest leadin to a story in the history of the show. Check it out, Go Deep, Get Drunk on Frankenmuth Oktoberfest. 

Listener Line Call 206-202-DEEP (3337)

Minute by Minute Show Notes

0:30 Intro

0:40 I'm retarded

0:55 On Tap

1:10 Frankenmuth Brewery

2:00 Churn us around

2:20 Does Silverback have a girlfriend yet?

3:15 The disasterous Blind Date from Plenty of Fish

4:20 The Date

5:00 Where's the flannel

7:00 Puke blast

9:00 How did I lose this bitch?

10:30 She's naked and in my bed

11:15 Just fuck the shit out of me

11:20 Did you at least dutch rutte the past out drunk

13:30 Was she hot

14:00 Leg model

15:00 These balls aren't gonna suck themself

15:30 The hunt? With a paint gun

16:00 Don't hate the player. Hate the game

17:00 Sunglasses on your dong

17:15 The Dutch Rutter

18:00 The Mr. Japetto

18:25 I really shouldn't think of this but…..

19:00 Impressions of the new studio

21:00 old text messages with tits

22:00 You're my superstar

23:00 Lets faceplant into a brick wall

24:00 Sporty's is stuck in the 70s

25:19 Wally was obnoxious at Silver Palace


27:00 Numbers are shootin' up. 

27:40 Flash them boobies baby

28:30 Drawing nakedness

28:25 Dimples boobies

28:50 Bootycall time

29:00 Outro