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Dec 30, 2008

Kid, Sleeze and Gdub welcome new guy Byrno into the show. We talk about crappy Christian music, porn and sluts.  Pretty much everything you would expect from the GDS. Go Deep. 

Dec 29, 2008

Kid and Sleeze bring in JMac and Wally from CO. for the first time since he left. Some bullshit is included in this but not much. Chill to the next one. Go Deep.

Dec 28, 2008

Kid, GDub and Sleeze do some more stupid talk including an obscure sexual term, Carmen Electra in playboy and some other bullshit as we get closer to the final day of 2008. Check it out, more coming at your ass soon. Go Deep.

Dec 25, 2008

Kid, GDub and Sleeze discuss angry hosts, talking dirty and dirty sex stories. Go Deep and have way more fun than any of us. 

Dec 24, 2008

An absolute favorite episode of the GDS. Its Xmas and this one has it all. Anger, dumb laughs and sex stories that will tear a family apart..... or at least a few friends.  This episode is obnoxious and goes way to far. So you should too. Go Deep motherfuckers and have a great Xmas holiday.