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Dec 20, 2016

Kid, Red Eye, Meadow and the return of Wild Rose talk about sugar daddies, porn stars and how Red Eye changes who he is so he can stick a cock into her. Meadow reveals that she has webbed toes and Red Eye wouldn't put her toes in his mouth. We wrap up with some rough sex talk and some rapid fire. Did we mention...

Dec 19, 2016

Kid and Red Eye Welcome back Meadow to the program where we discuss tiny hairy nipples, thumbing buttholes and Red Eye and the micro-penis. Buttplay, new porn stars and not getting hard because of hairy fucking pussy are also discussed in this one. We wrap it up with sex store anal stories. Go Deep.

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Dec 16, 2016

Kid and El Presidente are in studio where we play a listener line call from a longtime show favorite with a bunch of rants. We chat for a moment with Red Eye at the bar and give out an urban dictionary term that applies to the winter months. We contemplate Red Eye dating someone who hasn't been born yet. Go Deep. 


Dec 15, 2016

Kid and El Presidente are in studio discussing tons of new hot chicks and overwhelming your ass with so many boobies and asses to even comprehend. Kid pisses ice, and we distract the hell out of everyone with porno. We introduce everyone to Belle Claire and her amazing tits. Kid gives everyone a homework assignment and...

Dec 14, 2016

Kid welcomes Meadow, Red Eye, ARod, and El Presidente to the show where we ask which little boys Meadow has on the hook for the evening.

ARod tries to tell us that Red Eye has never seen her boobies or penetrated her vagina but we all know better and want to see them titties anyway. 

We talk about huge dicks and which...