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Dec 24, 2018

Kid kicks open the holiday season ripping on Tumblr and their decision to stop hosting porn. Fucking Lame ass motherfuckers. We talk age and how all the MILFs are getting way too old to think dirty things about. The Kid refuses to discuss the new show his kid has duped him into and to make the holiday special he goes...

Nov 25, 2018


Kid and GDub get in studio to talk turkey day where we play a listener line call from Wally warning america of guns and pussy grabbing.  We have a new intro song, talk a brief tech at the start but kick into graphic violence, drugs and Jesus vs Satan.  The Kid rips ass, then rips on Jesus and anyone scared by cartoons.

Nov 24, 2018

Kid and GDub warn married couples that Jesus may be lurking in the wings waiting for your man to serve in the military and when he comes back your lady will want to pork Jesus instead of you.  We talk about how stuck in our ways we are at our age and how laughable it is to expect us to change. We discuss how the leader...

Nov 23, 2018

1438 -  A clone to slap off to


Kid and GDub  discuss how to ruin children, going for walks, fishing assholes and how no matter how many  churches your town has there is probably an asian sex parlor someone nearby. The Kid previews his annual 3 days of non jerking off and we somehow bring up sex toys in a weird way at...

Nov 22, 2018

1437 -  Mr. Hot Dog ball crunch footsy

Kid and GDub discuss how former hosts of the show are now on instagram having garbage sales.  We salute him for finding a use for in instagram account. We make fun of a website being positive, then give the world the first Goin’ Deep Show ASMR video sound. We tell all these...