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Jan 19, 2012

In Studio: Kid and JMac

On Skype: Hat Trick

A buzzed Kid and JMac bring Hat Trick in via skype where she gets assaulted via the internet. We ask her where she wants the load to go, whether or not she's had one blasted all over her face and if she's ever shared a guy with one of her friends. 

We find out that JMac uses the word cammy and has a guilty pleasure for Nora Jones. The Kid talks about Milfy chicks at the bar, threesomes,  and his monthly plan for getting drunk and crashing in various places. 

The name Sookie comes up and immediately reminds The Kid of a red headed chick he used to have a thing for back in gradeschool. We figure out what could possibly make a guy last longer in the sac, call a former hostess out on NOT having butt sex and The Kid tosses out his man crush of 

We are shocked that Hat Trick hasn't had a real massage, and we go over what is appropriate when getting such a thing… we're guessing fucking on a massage table is a little over the top. 

The art of the deep throat swallow comes up and how pissed Red gets in the morning when Kid rolls over and pokes her in the butt with his weiner and rubs the boobies. 

To wrap it up the ultimate Hallmark Card gets set to one of JMac's Lady friends what pretty much predicts the future of her getting her ugly bumped by JMac's ugly. 

Go Deep.

Go Deeper with Minute by Minute show notes. 

0:30 Intros - Buzzing

0:45 Has JMac gotten any sleep?

1:00 You getting layed JMac - Hat Trick Date

1:45 Did you give him oral love

2:00 Did you come home and call a fuck buddy or masturbate

2:45 Brunette Hottie at the bar

3:00 Lets make Wednesdays as crazy as it could

3:20 her ass and JMac knows his cammy's

3:50 The Mustache Ride

4:00 She was not Milado

4:50 It all depends on the booze level

5:00 Kids are a buzzkill on bootycall night

5:30 Seriously just a friend? 

5:40 The art of the Dutch rudder

7:00 JMac and I would have to sit back to back

7:25 Hat Tricks monkey ass feet

7:30 The MAP, JMac, Kid and Hat Trick bukkake

8:10 You ever shared a guy with one of your friends

8:40 So many wangs in my face -Yukon & Sookie

8:50 Sookie and those titties

9:20 The gap in the tooth crush

10:15 Where'd your cock sucking teeth go

10:20 Sookie goin' tit blasting nuts

10:40 We need a freaking ride

11:00 The off month drunken travel 

12:10 Wednesday night talent

12:40 Spy on milfs at the bar

13:20 Guilty listening pleasures

13:30 Does JMac have a sensative side - The playlist

13:50 Why I stopped using Spotify

14:20 Where's the fucking music

14:40 What will make the Kid last longer in the sac

15:00 Thinking about Alan Trammell during doggie style

15:15 Fuck you Jose Canseco

15:30 Bringing two girls into the studio - Why not to do it

16:00 How many contacts are in your phone

16:30 A shoutout to GDub

17:00 The Kid's man crush

17:40 The Massage

18:15 HA HA the tent pitch

18:25 Is that supposed to happen

18:30 Hat Trick you ever been massaged

19:00 I hear you have a Vagina that needs some massaging

19:10 Getting caught on camera at her massage job

19:50 Cootie vs Cootchie spray vs cream

20:00 No massaging from Hat Trick - i knew this guy

20:15 You went to some dude, not a massage therapist

20:45 At least some olive oil on your vagina

21:00 GDS expense report rub down - with stadium seating

21:35 Your nipples will never be chapped

21:45 The portfolio of blowjobs

22:18 Hat Tricks face blasing preferences

22:45 The Deep throat swallow

23:00 Where she wants it

23:30 Remember when Magnum said she didn't like it in the ass

24:00 How big was Hat Tricks X's dick - that was in her ass

24:14 Whatever Hat Trick says about cock is correct

24:40 JMac can't remember sex sober

25:00 No morning sex for Hat Trick

25:20 Kid likes to rub a booty in the morning

25:40 I'm just gonna start eating you out

26:00 JMac's early bang session - She wakes him up

26:20 JMac you need to get the hell outta here

26:50 The X boyfriend sent an amazing card

27:30 iCards - Gotta love the ugly bumps

28:00 JMac is in your head as the X girlfriend terminator

28:30 Outro