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Feb 29, 2012

The Kid welcomes Ducky and Hat Trick to Studio 163 where they talk about how many times they'll be banging on a boat, Their relationships with hot sisters, how many times Hat Trick has gone down on women and Ducky's X 69 with a bosses wife who once was the babysitter. We drop the BiBi Jones love in as usual and we wrap up with the revenge story of getting a cock slapped in your face. Its your basic ho hum Goin' Deep Show. 

0:30 Intros - Hat Trick Ducky

1:00 Pre Ship Trip talk

5:00 What happened last night - Let me get drunk

2:00 The completion of the sex is what matters

2:30 Siblings talking sex

4:00 What was your X like? …. in the sac

4:45 Choking? I have my limits

5:00 So drunk during sex… in the kitchen

7:00 Bite The back of my neck

7:30 Why get drunk after

8:00 Swingers and pics

9:00 She was the babysitter now she's the wife

10:00 Goin' Down on each other - Strapons

11:00 Funny to see what porn people look at

11:40 BiBi Jones

12:30 waiting for BiBi Jones

12:45 Chicks 69ing

13:00 Hat Trick down on girls

13:20 Did she taste like watermelon

13:30 The first time Hat Trick's played with girls

15:00 Find a chick for a threesome - Babysitter

16:00 She's old enough to get drunk

18:00 Sexual Tension

19:15 Big Boobs Brandi

20:00 Will you ever get married again

22:00 I'm sure the dikes love the term lesbo

22:16 New categories

24:00 Hot vs Not Hot

24:20 What will Hat Trick wear

24:30 Huge Green Screen porn

25:00 Spank it raw

26:00 Violent porn

26:15 Don't smack a dick in Hat Tricks face

27:00 Hat Trick will hit you in the face with a dildo

28:00 I thought you were gonna stick it in the ass

29:00 Women with Blue Balls

29:30 Outro