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Mar 27, 2012

Kid and Silverback recap a nite of visiting Hooters and tell everyone to be nice to women because lets face it their vagina's take a pounding. Go Deep and have someone yank on your balls to make your junk look bigger. 

1:30 Kleen is selling you something

1:40 Salespeople… gotta love em

2:00 Facebook and Google will buttock us

2:30 Who's vagina are you down on… It's Calories

3:00 Can I log them in as Tator Tots

3:10 Dimples Breakfast

3:25 Two Girls one Cup

4:00 The Description

5:00 Hooters Seating Technique

6:30 Hooters in BC is not so good

7:00 Why am I giggling around - The greatest idea ever

8:30 We love Beer and we're feeling it

9:00 Who wants to get into the Kid's Head?

9:30 The JMac Agenda

10:00 Shownotes

11:00 Hat Trick is Focused

11:20 Scare your children then dating students

12:10 The Setup

12:20 It's Not…..

13:00 Every guys dream - Porn Star Stern

13:25 Evan Stone's Goat Balls

14:00 The Ron Jeremy of our generation

14:45 Sacrafice your balls 

15:00 Internet we need you to suck our balls

15:20 Serenity X can dance and suck our balls

15:45 We can gang bang Serrenity X

16:00 Romance to get in the pants

16:30 Women are Dumb

17:00 The Midlife Crisis

17:20 Do they know enough to know?

18:30 Hat Trick doesn't need Romance

19:00 Silverback made her left arm go numb

20:00 You severed my spinal cord

20:30 Treat a woman right because her twits gonna get hit… hard

20:50 Oldies are excited to see a band

21:20 How to scope out a bar

22:00 Bartender with boobies hanging out. 

22:25 Never seen a ring that can plug a hole

22:45 Primal panty move

23:00 watch the panty rug burn

23:40 Banker ends his reign at the Wheel

24:50 NORAD

25:00 Defcon 4 happened at the Wheel

25:40 Sloppy Sounds

27:00 Swinging ? 

28:00 I don't share

28:40 Wrap up and Thank you

29:30 the Essentials