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Feb 12, 2013

It's catch up time fuckers.  We're beginning to finally get our ass out of the winter funk and tossing some shows in your face. In this one Kid gets deep with Daisy and Tiny Dancer in this post show after recording where we discuss tattoo placement, how women can get away with making money by shaking their ass and guys have a harder time with such things. Daisy discusses her latest sexcapades and when the last time she got off. We get some insight into what some women talk about to their friends, how much gets revealed to others about their sex lives and how much easier it is when its all on the table. We do some double penetration talk and how the Eiffel tower just aint happening. Tiny Dancer tells us the tale of a guy she couldn't tell was inside of her. Kid wonders how guys with small dicks masturbate and Daisy likes that its super easy to deep throat a little guy. Lots of gawking and mellow shit in this one. Go Deep. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).