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Feb 13, 2013

Drunken mayhem in studio as Kid welcomes Sookie, Hat Trick and Yukon to the show. A Drunk Sookie is the highlight of the evening and she is screaming NO I"M NOT GOING TO WORK TOMORROW. Sookie is a little pisssed about the Hat Trick, Fireman threesome, because Sputnik got in before she did. We come to the conclusion that Hat Trick is the best wing chick ever. We discuss how pissed off guys are when Hat Trick sees skokie tits but guys don't get to. Kid goes over his horrible hatred of sand sex.  We go over the peppermint blow job… for fresh breathe. We tap on the topic of getting caught by your kids during sex and we encourage Sookie and Yukon to go at it on the mic. We go underboob vs underboob and ask the tough questions like if Yukon has ever stuck it in her ass. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).