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May 27, 2013

Kid's Birthday eating extravaganza when Don Tang dishes out the chick drinks, Kid complains about eating too Goddamn much and we love to make fun of huge women with big old titties flopping out and serving us beer. We discuss the aging process of women and the sag of the tits. We ask the age old question of how often men look at women and wonder what their vaginas look like. Kid goes over the story of his Apple Store visit and how to get your shit looked at quick. We talk about the all these selfie portraits that people take. Don Tang drinks in the shower then has Pooty help clean him, Kid gives his Hooters waitress review and word of advice for you upcoming Hooters rookies…. please avoid getting knocked up and thinking that you can be a Hooters waitress. Don Tang discusses sex with a prego and Kid encourages freaks to kill themselves.  Listen in and Go Deep.