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Jan 9, 2014

Nearly two goddamn hours of complete nonsense. This is the second half of the Holiday Crapisode featuring the sultry voices of GDub, JMac, Silverback and The Kid.  We bring up the goddamn Duck Dynasty idiots bible talk, homos and other various fancy gay shit. This is truly a behind the scenes conversation that we're just releasing because lets be honest there's no difference between this and the other bullshit we put out other than some shitty music at the beginning and end.  Other topics discuss in this one are kids goind ape shit setting fires, JMac and Dub recap being around drunkies for the first time and the NFL gets brought up for some arguments on how its becoming a fucking pussy sport when it comes to injuries and lame penalties and fines. We hit on some video games, younger brothes with long distant relationships and how blinged up his virtual cars are in video games. Check it out and consider all the time you'll be wasting and all the regret you'll have after. Go Deep.