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Dec 21, 2010

We play Kasey Kasem in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show and present a long distance dedication track called "Use my arsehole as a cunt" by Kunt and the Gang. GDub and Wally once again join the Kid. Dub sounds like C3P0 only a few times during this episode. We throw a shout to Reddit which is how GDub is finding the best and brightest on the internet. 

We mention a bunch of idiot douchebags dressing up like superhero's in Seattle attempting to fight crime. Wally is offended by Justin Bieber and his new haircut along with Miley Cyruss getting high on legal drugs. 

GDub's X gets called out again and the Kid knows she hocked a big juicy loogie in his pizza. 

On the porn front..... softcore porn master Pamela Anderson hits the pages of Playboy again setting a record.  The problem is who the hell reads on paper anymore. iPad baby iPad. 

We mention our techniques for people with Aids. Listen peoople!! We have ideas and you bette listen. Solutions man that's what we're all about. 

Kid gives us Bible lessons and women... its not looking to good for ya. Just ask hubby if you can talk.  Unless of course you want to be stoned..... and not in the good way. 

We hit a history lesson towards the end and take our caps off to Benjamin Franklin and his man whore ways back in the day.  Founding father high five to that one. 

Listen in Go Deep and have a hell of a day you douchesacs.  

Oh and by the way, for a little more info on that badass known as Ben Franklin click this link for a pretty awesome article on the founding father. Go Deep again.