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Dec 29, 2010

GDub and Wally kick it on this first of five post Xmas shows.  This weeks shows are the final of 2010 and We're very excited to kick it off right in 2011. We mention Hat Trick in this episode and what pics of her you'd beat to. We call out Wombat for getting in his Christmas message by the hairs on his ass.

GDub gives us the low down on being not so tempted when someone offered a BJ..... for $10 bucks. We try to price out the services described on the Urban Dictionary. We once again tell the tale of the Paralyzer and his famous Christmas activities from 2005.

Wally teaches the listeners to pee in strategic places to get full on nasty smelly effects. The boys talk a little Lions football and Dub hits some C3PO action..... which will soon be a drinking game. We put Wally on the spot about having kids.  "The Kid" talks about how sucky it is having children and how he only has two with two different women.

We give you a classic, epic, wonderfully beautifully big boobied hottie named Sophie Howard that everyone should go check out. We talk about the Half a head guy from down in FLA. Wally claims thats how it is when he gets head.  The Kid addresses a consern that all men probably think..... women don't need us if they can purchase enough sex toys. We feature a site that has some fuck machines that will change their world. We also agree that Kasia is the most amazing little porn star rockin'.