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Jun 30, 2011

GDS 882: Kid, JMac, Silverback and Shithead (Mags halfway through) talk trash about eating too much, how sacred the Golden Girls are to JMac and the Kid talks about why we should be searching for women with no teeth. We promote the site ghetto confessions where you can browse the wonderful world of some idiot banging crack heads. Silverback tells us that a former conquest of his has a boyfriend who obviously has access to her facebook because he was defriended.  We go over being in a band vs being on the field of play and how the transition between being that queer singing then transforming into Ozzie Osbourne. We also get medical on your ass and discuss walking pneumonia and solve the Silverbacks sitting and sweating problem. JMac tells us about being sick during hell week and how much of a pussy your coach thinks you are. Kid describes the first time he saw a Va-Jay. JMac still hung out at the sandbox in the 7th Grade? WTF? We go through all the ways to fuck with someone's boyfriend. We do the swim class talk and the women who got away with murder for wearing the small cameltoe displaying suites.

Go Deep.