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Aug 30, 2011

Kid welcomes Silverback, Magnum and Rogue. Magnum masturbates in the GDS bathroom... or so she says. We suggest a reunion tour with Kleen and Rogue getting on the mics and we play a preview of what that show would sound like. We barely keep Magnum awake during the episode and we believe its because she just got done flicking her bean in the studio.

Magnum talks out of her ass for 99.9 percent of the show including calling out JMac and Juice as being A-holes which we immediately disregard because she's fucking retarded. We discuss Steve Jobs impact on the Goin' Deep Show, where the vibrators are kept in the house and how younsters are downloading apps that are used to vibrate your phone for pleasuring yourself.

We discuss the Real Dolls that you can buy to fuck, Kid doesn't want the messy cleanup and Shithead chimes in to tell us he fucks Real women and not dolls. Silverback likes the throbbing knob left inside the ladies after a well timed orgasm and we decide that we're going to plaster mold each hosts hands so Magnum can slide all of our pinky fingers into her butthole.

Magnum claims that her ass is precious and says it NEVER itches and has never itched it. We all call Shenanigans on it and she is in complete bullshit mode. Shithead also reveals the late breaking news of him getting back together with his X wife. Its a good one. Listen in, check it out and Go Freaking Deep already.