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Oct 25, 2011

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Kid, Eckler and Red eye talk about what its like when there is more than one sport going on at once. We do some baseball vs football comparison, We go over the terrible world of dealing with living with a fucking rabbit. We talk serial killing women with big titties and the Kid reveals that playing stupid is fine but never let your guy know it. We go over slutty Halloween costumes and the skanks who wear them. We recap Red Eyes 30th birthday party and how The Kid and Eck both missed it but only Eck did the responsible thing and called. The Kid tells the world that he has never planned children and will never plan them in the future. He also reveals the curse of the guy who is constantly looking at women and We say fuck you Nelson Cruz. We talk about chicks grabbing our junk at the bar during a blind date…..(((Emmy joins in))) then we continue our Boat drunk fuck story. I think some girl goes ape shit at some point. Go Deep.