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Oct 26, 2011

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Kid welcomes Eckler, Red Eye and newcomer Emmy into the studio.  Naked stories begin the show including hot tub action, beautiful titties and special instances where waking up to naked chicks is always an amazing thing. Our girl Emmy tells us how people where pouring beer down her and how she broke the Hot Tub with her awesomeness. Emmy rocks the Debbie Does Dallas shirt in studio and we guess her boob size.... of course. We ask all the basics in this one including how much sex she's getting, how free she is and how she has psycho stalkers.  Its a sweet tale of a booger picking freak who wipes his nose-gold all over his pants. We've come to the conclusion that Emmy needs a fuck buddy who doesn't struggle with finding the clict or whipe boogers. You up for the challenge? Go Deep.