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Dec 14, 2011

Kid, Hat Trick and Yukon in Studio with Ducky on the phone. We talk a bit about why kids are awesome, Pornstars that we love and how twitter is just chuck full of naked goodness. We discuss skinny sex and where Hat Tricks hooters went. Yukon and the Kid have decided we like a meatier Hat Trick with less boney-ness. We get everyone the low down on the sit and spin, what the hell happened to Hat Tricks guy who left her, what the hell is up with her baby-daddy and how grand it is when you have an X with children.  Those fuckers are in your life FOR-EV-ER. Yukon tells us there was a hit out on his life and he thinks it was all from his bitch X. We discuss positions for a threeway, Hat Tricks take on Clover who she appeared with in a recent episode and one of my favorite topics.... the fat chick who still thinks she's skinny and the skinny chick who once was fat.  Find one of those and you're in business, find the other and try to push away their reality distortion field. Go Deep.