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Sep 11, 2015

August 28, 2015

Kid and GDub want to hear Wally call his mother a whore over and over but the Kid just can't come through with the classic clip.  He's been browsing too much porno to be prepared. Kid gets very fucking pissy about the new baseball rules including the fucking shot clock style countdown, instant replay and especially the fucking retarded Cheerleader / dance teams that they've attempted to throw in front of everyone during the goddamn game. We discuss ways to clog your arteries even faster when at the ballpark by stuffing bacon covered in maple syrup on a stick. We do some Donald Trump discussion and attempt to say something worth while about it. Kid wonders how close a video needs to be of a closeup of an ass hole. Kid also tries to push his agenda of letting everyone know that step mothers in porn are very helpful. Go Deep.