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Sep 23, 2015

Kid and Don Tang kick off the Fall season of Goin' Deep Show We discuss the upcoming weeks events including the GDub wedding, Strip clubs including the best joints to see hot women all over the country. Don Tang tells us King of Diamonds in Miami is the best and he was recently given some shit about putting up photos of strippers online.  I know, its unheard of. Alexandra Daddario becomes the focus of much conversation which leads to a question that the crew probably hasn't brought up before.  It gets pretty hot looking at pictures of Alexandra and the Kid reveals he's been holding off from beating off which leads to raging boners. We come to the conclusion that only blood would keep us from banging a corpse.  Whoa Whoa did we just say that? Kid rips on that dumb cunt in Kentucky who isn't doing her job and lumps all the religious freaks of nature and calls them retards. We wrap up with a dude who doesn't see his wife for a decade then he gets a bionic eye and gets to see his now wrinkled up old hag of a wife.  Go Dee.