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Feb 24, 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kid, Gdub, Wally and Don Tang discuss the recent headlines of a cop shooting in Bay City. We toss around a bunch of racist terms to piss off all the assholes who can’t handle using certain words. Wally suggests using a bazooka to blast that son of a bitch out of his house. We wonder how big the fucking boners of the cops where when there was that chance to bust out the tanks and armored vehicles and have a chance to shoot a stupid motherfucker.

Kid asks Wally who he is in support of for the election and the Kid calls out a show regular on ways to stay skinny. We discuss having an event where people puke into the toilet bowl in Downtown Bay City and launching it in a spray type fashion to get more coverage.

We discuss some show favorites including the lovely Brandi Love and how she went to Central Michigan University. We encourage everyone to go and watch the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Election special on Hulu and wrap up with the Kid and his take on making promises. Go Deep.