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Jul 20, 2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Kid welcomes in Dego Unchained and he dragged in a curvy lady named Mystic where we discuss how often women check out guys packages compared to men checking out everything on women.

We do the grower vs shower comparison and Mystic talks briefly about flicking around a micropenis.

Kid asks all sorts of ridiculous and stupid questions such as how light a micropenis cum load is and if the individual had a deep voice or a little mousy voice.

Dego claims to masturbate to himself looking in the mirror and the Kid puts our guest on the spot asking if they’ve ever fantasized about each other and played with themselves.

We discuss the spank bank, dick pics, sex toys and how huge a chicks gash could possibly be.

Mystic also gives us the details about her Dr. giving compliments to her vagina mid exam and how she manages to attract the married guys.

Kid does his usual line of questioning Mystic about her boobies including how big those mombo jombos are and how sizable the nips are.

Dego gives us the rundown on his friends with benefits

Listen in Go Deep and stay tuned for lots more Goin’ Deep Show to come.

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