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Nov 29, 2017

Kid and Hollywood sit down at the downtown studio location to discuss a range of topics that go from the shirt piercing nipples that are in the room to insecurities that each of the sexes has.  We make fun of a few famous people, describe the outfits that Hollywood wears while making dinner and what the show will continue to be as we head towards the new year. We play one of our favorite Red Eye Intros to date and we sprinkle in the Martial Arts Phenom throughout the show.  Complaints and go to hell messages can be sent to 989-331-0543. Go Deep.

Red Eye Intro 11: Assault charges I roofied her and left her on Midland Street


  • 2:24  Intro to the show
  • 3:00 Someone’s heart just broke
  • 4:00 Notes and shit to play with
  • 5:00 Naming a baseball field after the Kid’s Kid
  • 6:00 Time to tweak the nips / No bra
  • 7:00 Reading texts as being pissy
  • 8:00 Made dinner and baked in high heels and a skirt / Head
  • 9:00 Curious about the news reporters moves
  • 10:00 What your thoughts lead to
  • 11:00 When did we change and care
  • 12:00 John Cougar Mellencamp crush
  • 13:00 Kid’s big problem with recording
  • 14:00 Can we replace memories, please
  • 15:00 Kid acting like an old man
  • 16:00 What the show is vs what idiots think it is
  • 17:00 The MAP clips / The brilliance of the MAP
  • 18:00 The Shitty writings of the Kid
  • 19:00 I like feeling with my fingers
  • 20:00 Verlander and Upton are fucking lame
  • 21:00 How soon before they divorce
  • 22:00 Stretchmarks on the boobies and butt
  • 23:00 Red Eye and Temptations
  • 24:00 Correction on the fat chick who weighed 600 lbs
  • 25:00 Preview of the next episode and the insults
  • 26:00 Wrapping up the month / Resolutions
  • 27:00 Jerking off right into the new year
  • 28:00 Staying positive
  • 29:00 That's all you got for the new year? The same failed attempt
  • 30:00 My dirty man smells and farts
  • 31:00 Baptism by fire

Call to piss and fucking moan or tell someone to go to hell at 989-331-0543