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Nov 21, 2018

Kid welcomes in the usual cast of misfit toys to the mix where we discuss the endless asswipe, Wally and the hot waitress that ended up on his porch and how he nearly assaulted a foreigner who was vacuuming the floor.

The Kid asks why does Donald Trump have to hide the fact that he banged pornstars yet freely tells everyone he grabbed pussy. Inside news headlines, we make fun of the pussy little bitch youth of America who are clearly more depressed than previous generations.  We do our best to steer back onto the rails of shit and poop talk like we usually do. Go Deep.


INTRO - JMac, Spider monkey, Wally, Gdub

1:00  - New Undies and wiping

3:00 - The endless asswipe

6:00 - Wally tells himself a story the other day (The hot Waitress story)

9:00 - Steamboat Springs vacuum at 7am   

12:00 - Trump has to hide banging porn stars? Why?

15:00 - Oh poor baby younger generation is sad.  Fucking pussies

18:00 - Lets ask Don Tang that mother fucker knows everything

21:00 - Shim’s - Lets decide what sex you are

24:00 - Fuck off and Shit destruction

27:00 - Gdub 5 floors of no toilet paper




Spyder Monkey - “Never to early to get surly ”

JMac - “All this, mine mine mine mine mine”

Wally - “ Yeah

Gdub - “ Its been a pleasure motherfuckers have a good night ”

Kid - “Chill to the next Episode ”