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Nov 23, 2018

1438 -  A clone to slap off to


Kid and GDub  discuss how to ruin children, going for walks, fishing assholes and how no matter how many  churches your town has there is probably an asian sex parlor someone nearby. The Kid previews his annual 3 days of non jerking off and we somehow bring up sex toys in a weird way at the end. Go Deep.


INTRO: In Studio GDub talking about screwing up children

1:00  -  Its a lose lose when you are a parent

3:00 -  Beer, Burgers and Pizza maybe on your jaunt

6:00 -  Fuck Facebook - I got free time for porn

9:00 -  Fisting an asshole    

12:00 - Weird porn of 5 chicks on a trampoline squirting

15:00 - There are no new Stars anymore 

18:00 - The sex preference checklist

21:00 - The Asian sex parlors are still open 

24:00 - The Kid’s annual 3 day non jerk offathon   

27:00 -  Cosmo’s shitty advice

29:00 -  Sex toy roundup




Gdub - “ Don’t read Cosmo”

Kid - “Chill to the next Episode ”