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Jan 2, 2019

Episode 1443 of The Goin' Deep Show has the Kid gets back on track asking Mr. Kleen and Cannons some of their past sexual exploits, who makes the first move and when the last time they diddled each other's parts.  We confront Mr. Kleen on why he’s a smoker now but still is losing the 30lbs that he started losing 15 years ago.  We do the usual dick size discussion and pussy smells discussion that you’ve come to love and enjoy from the two original show hosts. We know.  Nothing changes now does it.  We discuss the youthful dick, the youthful pussy and we make sure to check if you’re allergic to latex so your pussy doesn’t feel like someone put a corn cob up in that thing.  We suggest a scientific experiment to size a cock and wrap-up with foreplay and the age old question of is it okay if I don’t cum?  Listen in and Go Deep.

In Studio with the Kid, Mr. Kleen, and Cannons

1:00 Reach the program via email at or call 989-331-0543 - Why are you a smoker?

2:00 Do you want to die via the smoke?

3:00 Don’t be a pussy smoker - Why are you being such a goddamn smoker

4:00 How many cigs have you had before? Just switch to Heroin

5:00 Heroin has been around for years. Jerking off to chicks smoking and blowing

6:00 Puffing on smoke and blowing it on a dong

7:00 Who makes the first move when you meet?

8:00 Someone is anxious for the cock - Foreplay no longer exists

9:00 The youth of America

10:00 She is not a quitter

11:00 Losing your virginity to the micropenis

12:00 The Mr. Kleen girth

13:00 Hand size and the junk

14:00 Scientific study needs to happen

15:00 No FUPA The young dong and the wonder that surrounds it.

16:00 You still losing that 30lbs from 15 years ago - The Dad bod

17:00 Chiseled dude and the bubble butt

18:00 The relationship mismatch

19:00 The allergic reaction to latex story

20:00 No Menopause yet

21:00 How many men in between you and Kleen - The last time you banged

22:00 Cannons makes the move - The pee pee touch

23:00 Who gives a shit where the drinking goes on? Kiss and a dick grab

24:00 It doesn’t matter if you cum

25:00 I feel better while it's going on compared to when it's not

26:00 A little eat and go that went long

27:00  How much foreplay

28:00 Cotten Candy

29:00  Wrap-up - Final Words