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Feb 20, 2019

Episode 1447 of The Goin' Deep Show has the Kid welcoming back Mr. Crowley continues the story of how he landed a beautiful brown lady with a booty that just knocked his socks off.  Then she let her inner tight ass ruin that. Kid rants for a moment about people just fucking shit up because they get their feelings hurt for two seconds.

Here are the additional things we hit on in this episode.

  • Women with no sense of humor
  • Guys who attempt to do the right thing
  • Women who use racism to break up with ya
  • Body types and the chubby chaser
  • What it must feel like to be offended
  • Copy and pasting your generic response to guys
  • When women think you’re angry and you just aren’t
  • This lady still wanted to rub up on you like a cat
  • Social Justice Warriors are fucking retarded
  • Sex right after a hood piercing

Go Deep.

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