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May 20, 2019

Kid welcomes in Kleen and Mischief where the we discuss for a brief moment the weekend activities at Sonic Temple Festival in Columbus Ohio.  

Kleen gives us the lowdown on the Arnold Classic that’s also held in Columbus and how it will warp your sense of reality when it comes to attractive people.

We revisit the wonderful tale of how Mr. Kleen bookmarks his porn collection, The Kid recaps the Burlesque Show that he and Endo went to and we tell hairy girls to go trim that shit. 

Kid discovers cock rings in his backpack, we discuss the momentum it takes to keep your dick up while drinking and Kleen reveals just how tight his ladies twat is. 

Kid misses out on having hotel balcony sex in Columbus and Mr. Kleen does his duty as an American and had sex in the parking lot of a Masque… or at least he thinks it was a Masque. 

We wrap up discussing Kleen’s monster meme collection, dick pics and women who hold dicks while their guys go pee.  

Its the usual fucking wholesome family fuckign friendly bullshit you’ve come to love and adore from the rambling idiots here on the Goin’ Deep Show. 

Go Deep.