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Jun 24, 2020

IN STUDIO: Kid, Endo, and Mr. Kleen

We crank out some bullshit headlines in this episode of the show.  Endo talks about her burnt nipple, midget porno, spinners and how much lube Mr. Kleen needs.  Midway through we get a call from our lesbian listeners calling Mr. Kleen out about having sex with a midget then we accuse him of being in the KKK. We briefly tap on MILFS, Threesomes and the Kid tells everyone to stop fucking apologizing for your own actions. Listen in Go Deep.


1:00: Intros - Contact

2:00 Burnt Tittie Nipple

3:00 Love them tittle nipples

4:00 We forget shit

5:00 Bullshit News begins

6:00 Midget Porn

7:00 Eight inches in girth

8:00 Only 2 finger in a girl

9:00 Don’t hold me accountable

10:00 She had great big titties

11:00 A little oompa loompa spinner

12:00 Really gotta get lubed up

13:00 Lesbo calls in

14:00 Arby or Horsey sauce

15:00 What side should I be on

16:00 Kleen is in the KKK

17:00 Lesbo leaves the show

18:00 A side of justice

19:00 Kleen and MILFS

20:00 Six threesomes

21:00 Dark enough not to see a wang

22:00 What’s next

23:00 Apologizing for free will

24:00 Asian tiny wang

25:00 When is the last time you saw a chink

26:00 Take a fucking joke ya snowflake

27:00 Bullshit

28:00 I’ll eat my neighbors

29:00 Final Words 

Go Deep.