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Jun 26, 2020

IN STUDIO: Kid, Endo, Mr. Crowley and Pineapple // Waking up to a dick in your body, the trikini and a midget slamming headfirst into a pole are just the start of this episode of the Goin’ Deep show.  Kid and Endo discuss that one time she slathered a load on her butt then taunted an entire rock band at the Will-Lew Lounge.  Kid gives us the reason his self love has tailed off and we discuss how much lube a former cohost of the show used when he wasn’t stuffing ice cube trays into his wife’s ass. Somehow we incorporate fruit rollups into a sex scene, accidentally on purpose use real names and make an interesting popsicle purchase with the sole purpose of “loading” that thing up for a tasty midnight snack. I think at some point the Kid tells the music industry to go fuck itself and we ask ourselves how many old man boners do we have left in us.  Hurry up and tune into hear All of this and way too much more in this the 1,499th episode of The Goin’ Deep Show. 

Listen in Go Deep. 


1:00: Intro - Pineapple’s name

2:00: Mr. Crowley - we’re breaking the law

3:00: Fuck the music industry and their ownership

4:00: Refill of drinks and Tri-kini 

5:00: Are you masking? 

6:00: Bikini vs Trikini 

7:00: Beach population Tri-kini review 

8:00: Just the ladies 

9:00: I would lick the clit with a tampon in it 

10:00: Endo describe what’s on screen 

11:00: Midget zip lining 

12:00: The masturbation problem 

13:00: The Kid’s jerk off regimen 

14:00: Slathering your butt with my load 

15:00: Endo getting the boys to sniff her 

16:00: Bill Cosby wtf are you talking about 

17:00: Get in here and use this boner

18:00: How lubed up are you?  

19:00: Do you lube up ice before you put it in a butthole? 

20:00: Fun dipstick dick 

21:00: I don’t want to piss water out of my asshole 

22:00: I don’t have a fart clip ready 

23:00: Explain why i have finger in my ass 

24:00: Extreme popsicle maker  

25:00: Dildo ice mold

26:00: The load Christmas present 

27:00: The cum dildo 

28:00: Meant for each other 

29:00: Final Words - Gagging on dick

Go Deep.