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Jul 4, 2020

IN STUDIO: Kid, Mr. Kleen, Cooch and  LB // 

We jump on the dirty list with the new lady pal of Mr. Kleen where we ask about MILFs wanting to bang young boys, How much she likes balls, and how often she sends tit and pussy pics.  We get to the few times a threesome happened, a micropenis, sex toys and various ways to masturbate.  Its all that and then some choking and pussy descriptions to wrap it up.  Listen in and Go Deep. 


1:00  Female comedians are shit

2:00 Shoutouts to Shoninzo / Wombat

3:00 Katelyn Jenner’s cock

4:00 Kids wanna fuck you

5:00 You’re the MILF

6:00 You like the balls

7:00 Tit pic sending

8:00 Tell me about the threesome

9:00 She walked in and joined

10:00 His buddy watched

11:00 My friends recommendation

12:00 The smelliest of the smells

13:00 Fetish with the micropenis

14:00 My solar sex toys

15:00 Lets put the rabbit on your back

16:00 Suckin’ your own cock

17:00 Guys don’t get any of the fun shit

18:00 Shaved like the cleanest shaved pussy ever

19:00 Kleen has no problem seeing boob pics

20:00 Bringing your girl on the show

21:00 LB bringing up the show to new girl

22:00 We go into the opposite direction

23:00 How many fantasizes about banging you

24:00 The picture frame trick

25:00 Kleen got some cum on himself

26:00 Dirty list wrap-up - pierced, doggy

27:00 The X’s liked the choking

28:00 The bad meat curtain carwash

29:00 Final Words - Tonguejacking the shitbox

Go Deep.