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Aug 26, 2020

Kid and Kleen head into part 2 of the  Jay Action Jackson episode. The topics are all over the goddamn place in this one including music, golfing with naked chicks, how Kleen almost killed a kid, we do some math and try to figure out what eatable to make you talk more. We do a Hottie of the week, talk about whiskey dick…. again and we give the lowdown on how to record a bachelor party without the strippers knowing. 

Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Song to enter the ring

2:00 Where are the songs that tell stories

3:00 It aint like that  

4:00 Godzilla

5:00 Chris Cornell

6:00 Kleen the Hip Hopper

7:00 What you listened to growing up

8:00 Pat’s bachelor party

9:00 Hide the camera light

10:00 Paralyzer fucked up the audio

11:00 Auction for strippers

12:00 Pic of Kleen holding naked stripper

13:00 Substances

14:00 Sleeping and bringing it down

15:00 Different options for what you take

16:00 Mind altering shit

17:00 We almost killed a kid

18:00 Doing dumb shit

19:00 How many oz. of beer

20:00 On Tap

21:00 TV not on

22:00 Hottie of the Week Jessa Rhodes

23:00 Limpy lead to eating

24:00 Leggy blue haired bitch

25:00 Kleen throwing more than we need

26:00 So many women to piss off

27:00 Sick of having sex with chicks

28:00 Lasting forever

29:00 Final Words - MultiverseFC


Go Deep.