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Sep 30, 2020

IN STUDIO: Kid and Kleen bring  you stories of naked people saving lives, dice throwing masturbation techniques and the difference between gripping your dick too hard and flicking your bean.  Kid discusses how dedicated he is to this goddamn show, tells Kleen to focus and we tell everyone to dodge politics and religion. We talk Joe Rogan for a few minutes then wrap up playing some clips of Mr. Kleen’s ex girlfriend Rogue.  

Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Email - What’s on Tap

2:00 Dedication to pulling off the show 

3:00 Religion is the best - Dodge these topics

4:00 Kid’s jeans - you need to change 

5:00 Hooters under quarantine 

6:00 Groupy of Naked people save  

7:00 You can’t show titties and twat on 

8:00 Naked people come to the rescue 

9:00 Fuck the dudes and more details 

10:00 I purchased my creamer from Kroger 

11:00 Dolphin’s are getting high as shit 

12:00 I like releasing 

13:00 Adam Curry throng Rogan under the bus 

14:00 Stripper intro - Fat stripper

15:00 Kid is not joking on this - locking the back catalog 

16:00 Has Kleen ever done the show sober 

17:00 Randoms will play still on 

18:00 Throwing dice masturbation technique 

19:00 Zaldor is not into Kleen’s balls 

20:00 Dr. Nurse F Show coming in again 

21:00 A site of the nite 

22:00 Kleen focus - Noah Cyruss 

23:00 Grip it and Rip it?  

24:00 Grip can play the drums 

25:00 Kleen into history - game 

26:00 Kleen’s Ex girlfriend Rogue 

27:00 Why do you want to be friends with Ex’s 

28:00 Funny watching Kleen cringe 

29:00 Final Words - Electric Mayhem

Go Deep.