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Nov 27, 2020

Kid and Kleen go over the last 100 episodes… or make an attempt to.  We manage to get through only 50 of them but its a good way to catch up if you’re a lazy fuck who has fallen behind.  Listen in and Go Deep. 


1:00 Record time for 1,500 - 1,600 

2:00 The covid Relationship - Trade in the girlfriend 

3:00 Bringing in Kleen’s Cooch

4:00 JMac not proud of his past on the show 

5:00 Naked and happy 

6:00 Masturbation world record 1509 

7:00 Marriage and Kleen 

8:00 Revenge, fighting and marriage 

9:00 Riots, Karen’s Sasha Baron Cohen 

10:00 Fingering your own asshole - Kleen’s a mexican 

11:00 El Pres - Barney’s and Red Eye’s podcast 

12:00 The turd pussy 

13:00 Calling him Mr. Kleen - Gdub and the poop story 

14:00 Banging a teacher 

15:00 Growing a dick on the arm 

16:00 Endo getting pissed at me 

17:00 Back Catalog at 

18:00 WAP - Kids bop 

19:00 Kleen breaks the rules at the christian campground 

20:00 I called her a cunt 

21:00 1539, Dog thrown from car Bella Thorn 

22:00 Crowley and Pineapple 

23:00 I am not trusting a thing Kleen says 

24:00 1546 Girls we banged come in 

25:00 The meat that might be a penis 

26:00 The beast banged to death - Aaron Carter 

27:00 Kid ask her a bunch of dirty shit 

28:00 Fired up over Red Eye 

29:00 Final Words - Kicking on all Cylinders

Go Deep.