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Nov 30, 2020

Kid and Kleen attempt to recap a few more of the last 100 but then simply get distracted and go off on a tangent. Endo calls in mid show to correct the Kid who is pissed off at nerds who think because they saw something 5 years ago that it means something because they saw it first.  Fuck that shit ya lame assholes. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Official shows are drunk Kleen shows

2:00 Anticipating a healthy shit  

3:00 Fuck the chick on a chat room

4:00 Shocked by the outfit - Barely a bra 

5:00 Slut Chomper 

6:00 Endo wants hard cocks on the internet 

7:00 Audio Clips of psycho - Teacher students

8:00 Rocco Sex review recap 

9:00 Warming up the snatch - Where’s my fun 

10:00 Episode 1564 - Burrito shits 

11:00 Who Mr. Kleen texts 

12:00 We make fun of everything equally 

13:00 Cum loaded ice dildo 

14:00 Zaldor episodes 

15:00 Shut up nerds - We didn’t see it 

16:00 Endo calls in 

17:00 Ten times harder to find a dick online 

18:00 Kleen is always sending dick pics 

19:00 Worst T-Shirts ever

20:00 The new GDS Shirts in the store 

21:00 Fat shaming and fingering 

22:00 Kleen and the VIP room 

23:00 Bitch blew me with a covid mask 

24:00 Caught porn 

25:00 Girls get away with more 

26:00 Paige Spiranac - Golfer HOTW 

27:00 Curvey Nakedness?  

28:00 Closeup shot of your dick tip 

29:00 Final Words - Zaldor Shout

Go Deep.