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Jan 27, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1644

Kid and Kleen talk Twitter, Chinese government stopping births, Kleen throws shouts to his favorite big titted bitch and we dive even harder into the sex robot. We do some Hottie of the week to wrap and talk about cleaning out your sex dolls cooch. Go Deep. 


1:00 Playing with our toys

2:00 Kleen mowing on cooch 

3:00 Way more fun earning 

4:00 Twitter talk 

5:00 You still gotta live with people 

6:00 Eating some real chink food  

7:00 Banning dehumanizing people 

8:00 Everything controlled by social media 

9:00 Control your own content 

10:00 Chinese government story 

11:00 Keep your woman shit away 

12:00 Forcing abortions and sterilization 

13:00 Pumping out kids in the U.S. vs China  

14:00 Robin Quivers is awesome 

15:00 Kleen is telling the gays to go to China 

16:00 Twitter / Odeo - These headaches

17:00 Sex Dolling 

18:00 Sex robot benefits vs things that would suck 

19:00 Describing sex robot guy 

20:00 I left the robot in the same position 

21:00 Dish washer 

22:00 Uh oh - Kleen has better ideas  

23:00 Fiber optic hair chang on sex robot 

24:00 The Spelling Test game with Mr. Kleen  

25:00 Hottie of the week 

26:00 Kleen Dirty list 

27:00 How much photoshop work 

28:00 I record my poops 

29:00 Final Words - Storming the Capitol 

Go Deep.