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Jan 28, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1645

We found a new favorite kids show and it involves some dude flying around by his wang in Denmark. Kid is suspicious of his Samsung TV, gets confused with Kleen tries to explain who the Barbarian is and we ask if Kleen would date a stabbing murderer. He tries to pitch a TV show he’s watching but the Kid thinks it sounds lame, We throw a very curvy hottie of the week and Kleen is still using his sausage fingers on his phone instead of typing on a full-size keyboard. Go Deep. 


1:00 Cooch likes the uncolored face pubes

2:00 Did you put underwear on today 

3:00 Less abrasive  

4:00 Pigme Porn 

5:00 The Samsung Scamming TV 

6:00 Old 1985 commercials  

7:00 The Barbarian 

8:00 Kid’s confused.  Who the fuck is Haku 

9:00 Shut yo mouth 

10:00 Would you date the stabber 

11:00 Could you would you 

12:00 Watching way more porn 

13:00 The Queens Gambit?  

14:00 Thought it was gonna suck  

15:00 Circle headed fuck 

16:00 Dude has a massive dong

17:00 Gigantic striped organ 

18:00 Slinging his lasso around 

19:00 Johnny Wad kids show 

20:00 Hottie of the Week 

21:00 Kleen’s sausage finger typing  

22:00 Tons of photos - @Coconutkitty143  

23:00 Kleen’s turd cutter story - Kleening notes 

24:00 The story of how to ruin relationships 

25:00 Admit it 

26:00 Planting false evidence 

27:00 Friends change into big pussies 

28:00 Kleen was a big pussy in the past 

29:00 Final Words - 

Go Deep.