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Feb 26, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1666

Kid and Kleen celebrate episode 1,666 by forgetting that its episode 1,666. We give a huge thank you to El Pres for providing delicious treats. We try to bang the Paralyzer’s mother, We ask about porn thumbnails, Shoninzo’s preferences, Tiny little sham wow towels and Jordan Peterson. Kid loves watching women interact because of those two faces they make, Kleen goes ape shit for Liz Hurly and we are wondering wtf is up with Mia Malkova’s ass. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Thanks to El Pres for the tasty treats

2:00 Screetch dead 

3:00 You ever carve a bitch out 

4:00 Banging the Paralyzer’s mom  

5:00 Best quality on the thumbnail 

6:00 Shoninzo - salute   

7:00 Our influences on the listeners 

8:00 Tiny little sham wow towel 

9:00 Favorite porn…. Kleen on a tangent 

10:00 Hollywood blockbuster porn 

11:00 Oh my god not on your junk

12:00 Average 9-13 incher 

13:00 Breast feeding jerk 

14:00 Stop it with the mom shit 

15:00 What does Jordan Peterson say? 

16:00 Watching groups of women interact

17:00 Gurgle Gurgle friends 

18:00 Strong independent woman 

19:00 Liz Hurley’s step son 

20:00 Where are the 

21:00 Jackass meets Howard Stern

22:00 Who is that guy if Kleen can remember  

23:00 Mia Malkova’s huge ass 

24:00 Nothing but fluff 

25:00 New GDS Sponsor - Red Eye Sex Robot

26:00 Episode 1666 - No devilish shit 

27:00 April fools day transition 

28:00 You are pathetic 

29:00 Final Words -  Tell someone to go to hell 989-331-0543

Go Deep.