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Jun 26, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1776

Kid and Kleen run you through a list of things that signal that you’re a bad person. We throw a celeb hottie and that’s pretty much it. Get it. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Its a couple of meals - hair fucked up

2:00 She’s got good things

3:00 Lets watch them do lesbian scenes

4:00 She’s put thundelips to a slap down 

5:00 Yep, that’s me - 19 things - bad people

6:00 I think you’re full of shit - Kleen lies

7:00 No mask

8:00 This is hypocritical - people change

9:00 You fucking son of a bitch

10:00 I’m gonna do it anyway 

11:00 Me me me me me meeeeee! 

12:00 Toxic person topics to hit 

13:00 I’m holy - service rudeness 

14:00 People who can’t handle the truth 

15:00 One uppers 

16:00 Both fists and a head

17:00 Telling you about themselves 

18:00 I like it Kleen - I love that 

19:00 Final Words - Who gives a crap about you 

Go Deep.