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Jun 27, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1777

Kid and Kleen remind everyone that a man’s agenda can exist right next to a ladies agenda. Kleen misses Joe Rogan, and we tell everyone we’re changing gears and attempting to do more manly dude shit here on the GDS than we have ever before. We recap strip clubs we’ve gone to and tell Kim Jong to start listening. . Go Deep. 


1:00 Draining the main vein

2:00 Today’s episode is over

3:00 Its hard to battle - We don’t understand

4:00 Kleen listening to Rogan

5:00 Just keep on plugging along

6:00 Hyperfocus on what we want

7:00 We get to have our cause

8:00 I’m pissed at my microphone - Straight white man no talking

9:00 Who the fuck made this woke bullshit

10:00 You haven’t been focusing on what guys want 

11:00 Pat Benetar love 

12:00 Something inside a dude. - woke the beast 

13:00 She’s not into the straight laced guy 

14:00 Windsor strip clubs 

15:00 Kleen you know five words 

16:00 WTF Kim Jong

17:00 What do you want for your last meal 

18:00 Beastie Boys videos 

19:00 Final Words - How many woke fuckers wouldn’t go back 

Go Deep.