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Jun 30, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1780

What you can’t watch on Howard Stern anymore, Demi L saying dumb shit, starting a podcast and being all sensitive about what the fuck they are… oh and of course they have a podcast.  . Go Deep. 


1:00 Reminded of last night - MI music history podcast

2:00 Kleen half way to 102 years old

3:00 Loopholes in the poopholes baby - MI State trips

4:00 Lets go to the movies - 3 of us see Stern Private Parts

5:00 Kleen being straight and laced

6:00 Just because you assholes can’t make up your mind

7:00 Howard and porn stars

8:00 That’s the funniest thing ever - Wendy the slow adult

9:00 Rogan, Seinfeld, Celebs on Stern

10:00 Floating banana - getting baited into subjects 

11:00 Some fucks need to be told No 

12:00 I’m not going to call you all these extra pronouns 

13:00 Lazy fucks - I don’t know what I am

14:00 Typically what a women does 

15:00 Are we allowed to say that? - Mentally retarded 

16:00 First episodes of the Demi Dumby podcast

17:00  Aloke? Life coach

18:00 Is this the overdose chick?  

19:00 Final Words - Too much echo on that one.  

Go Deep.