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Aug 29, 2021

Kleen and his old lady in studio with longtime friend Zaldor dive into a new Netflix show with a huge hog in it and Mr. Kleen says he wants to fuck a MILF… Midget I’d like to fuck. What else is there to say . Go Deep. 


1:00 I climb into bed - Netflix watching Boogie Nights

2:00 She really does kinda look like Heather Graham

3:00 College scandal

4:00 Busy influencing - Reaction video

5:00 The hubby’s reaction to huge dong

6:00 Get a screenwriter

7:00 Like a sprinkler system going off in the pants

8:00 What was the hottest scene

9:00 She was masturbating watching them bang

10:00 Black chick best friend masturbation scene 

11:00 She went diddlin’  

12:00 Showing Kleen some chicks - Hot old ladies 

13:00 Resting bitch face 

14:00 Do you consider yourself a milf 

15:00 Midget I’d like to fuck 

16:00 I didn’t mean it that way 

17:00 Kid thought he was a cool little dude 

18:00 Alicia Silverstone 

19:00 Final Words -  Fuck a midget

Go Deep.