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Sep 27, 2021

Kid and Kleen do the top 10 list of hottest porn star list, consider revising the Hottie of the Week Wack-a-ganza, discuss the Field of Dreams, being shot into space like retards and helicopters in the front yard. Kleen gives us a list of girls with no tits and we’re wondering what the fuck? We yap about Jackass, people stealing shit and being pissed Go Figure. Go Deep. 


1:00 Dan Pena - Welcome Kleen

2:00 Studying Porn - Shoninzo

3:00 Corn and the Field of Dreams

4:00 Chamber simulation - Suits working?

5:00 I want to be shot into the sky into nothing

6:00 What are they fucking thinking

7:00 A little baby child in the first grade

8:00 Couldn’t go to space because of my eyes

9:00 Bam and Johnny Knoxville 4th movie

10:00 Shitting on his creation - Fuck you guys 

11:00 Used for purposes not meant to be used 

12:00 A helicopter in the front yard 

13:00 Too much shit to get to - Worth every minute 

14:00 The 10 hottest porn across names - Relaxing 

15:00 Going for big boobies these days 

16:00 Did you find this list? This is not a Kleen list

17:00 He’s against these titties - August Ames 

18:00 Who did this goddamn list? 

19:00 Final Words - Voting that needs to happen 

Go Deep.