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Sep 28, 2021

Johnny Depp sucks because some uptight bitches said so, Trevor Bauer likes rough sex but his bitch doesn’t like it as much, We go over sex addiction, free shit, beautiful interracial children, sex myths and crazy bitches.  Its the usual GDS. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 I’m more relaxed about the show coming out

2:00 Stop thinking you get free shit

3:00 Her face makes up for the fact that she’s bloated

4:00 Aren’t we all multi-racial

5:00 Producing beautiful children - Kendal

6:00 Female filmmakers go nuts over Johnnyy

7:00 Can we all agree that maybe something went down good

8:00 Sex addiction is a real thing - Major issues

9:00 Sex positive culture

10:00 Myth of sex addiction 

11:00 Kleen dance party hot old lady 

12:00 She’s dead but having a baby 

13:00 Too skinny - nice titties 

14:00 Rose McGowen - Nutty! 

15:00 Keep em out of the pros - dumb cunts 

16:00 Oh yeah - we did this - crazy shit

17:00 I’m having the kid whether you want it or not 

18:00 Why didn’t she kill herself 

19:00 Final Words - Thank You 

Go Deep.