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Sep 30, 2021

How much would a day with a whore cost, We talk VR porn goggles, Schlongsucer-5000, how to get free meals, cherry picking good shit, ask HI HO if she has an only fans and new waitresses wearing mom jeans. We compare pleasing the genders, and where to get the porn that onlyfans is considering taking away. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 All sorts of new goodies to behold

2:00 LIVE - Do you have an only fans?

3:00 Show the chocolate starfish

4:00 I’d say 1,000 for a whore

5:00 Ragged ass ho with a dirty asshole

6:00 Where’s my free meals? 

7:00 Cherry picking the good shit

8:00 I wouldn’t mind finding me a nice redhead

9:00 Wearing a trash bag 

10:00 Bay City wearing mom jeans working at Jakes

11:00 You can’t make your mind up - you’re a girl

12:00 Hanging out with L.B. 

13:00 Guys are easy to please

14:00 Girls are petty bitches - awww

15:00 The porn will pop up somewhere else

16:00 Its not going away

17:00 First websites I went to

18:00 Schlongsucker-5000

19:00 Long Duck Dong

Go Deep.